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You spend a lot of time in your vehicle, so why not enjoy it? Your vehicle is more than just a way to get around - it symbolizes you and shows people who you are and what you're about. With our high quality car audio and video systems, you'll enjoy the time you spend in your car and show others that you know what quality is.


Come to our experienced team for sales and installation of all your audio and video needs.

Top quality Memphis products

As our store's brand of choice, you'll always get the performance you're looking for with Memphis audio products for your car. Come see why Memphis is a top seller all around the country and in our store!

Everything you need for your system

   •   Speakers

   •   Amps

   •   Receivers

   •   Subwoofer enclosures

DVD systems and more for your car

Get a DVD system for your vehicle to make those long trips more tolerable, or install in-dash or roof-mounted GPS navigation systems with Bluetooth and more. We'll even install headrest monitors for you.

Don't go anywhere else for service when you can get the highest quality installation and knowledge from our team!

Our products and installation are always affordably priced for your convenience. Call now to see what's in store for you.



Unlock the potential of your car today

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When you come to us for the home theater system you've been wanting, you won't be disappointed. In fact, a dedicated member of our team will cater to every one of your needs. Get renowned service that includes design, installation and troubleshooting when needed. Our service will always be well and on budget.


Call us today to schedule an appointment, and you can start enjoying theater-quality entertainment in your own home!

Switch to dependable satellite TV

DIRECTV is the king of high definition television viewing, and will make your new home theater purchase truly worthwhile, Get hundreds of channels and outstanding service by calling today.

Get high quality sights and sounds

   •   LCD TVs

   •   LED TVs

   •   Plasma TVs

   •   Home audio systems

Have only the best in your car, too

Once you have the best audio and video available in your home, why not get the same in your vehicle? From speaker systems and stereos to DVD systems and more, come to our team.

Bring the theater experience to your home

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