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Rust is very dangerous not only for your paint finish, but also for parts such as brake or fuel lines, shock or strut towers, and much more. Protect your vehicle, including lock cylinders, linkage, mechanisms, and hinge assemblies, by lubricating metal surfaces with our moisture-repelling Krown rust protection. You can even protect your oil pan, transmission case, and inner framework with our help!


You'll keep a higher resale value and have a better looking vehicle when you keep rust from getting a foothold on your car's surface or metal parts.

How does Krown do it?

Krown rust protection works with pure white oil that inhibits corrosion by giving your vehicle a self-healing barrier that will protect it from the damaging effects of moisture, salt, and other harmful conditions.

Our rust protection is safe and green, too

   •   Non-flammable

   •   Non-toxic

   •   No solvents

   •   Environmentally friendly

Keep your car looking new with detailing

Fighting rust is one excellent way to extend your vehicle's life and keep it looking its best. Another popular way is with our auto detailing services, which include both interior and exterior detailing for your car.

The rust protection we provide is available for use during any season, so use it year-round for best results!

Reduce your maintenance costs by keeping rust from your vehicle's surface. Call now to find out how:




Protect your paint finish, auto parts, and more from rust

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